Privacy Policy

Privacy policy to maintain the security of information

Prime News is highly strict regarding the Privacy Policy. We do not allow our online content to be copied by any of our users. If anyone does so illegally, we’ll report it to Google. At the same time, Prime News is also dedicated to keep up the confidentiality of all the users. All our policies are designed to enable you in recognizing how our site gathers your information and maintain it securely. With no concern, you may read our news and take good decisions.

Privacy of our content

We receive all our information and news from some Urdu journals and newspapers. We give a new and different shape to all those news, and then post them on our website. Thus, when we observe that anyone has infringed our rules and copied any of our website images, we can take some initiative against that person. So, simply go through all the blogs of various categories, and do not attempt to break the rules. We always make use of useful and reliable Urdu reports for all our readers so that they can become well-informed and find the latest information.

Confidentiality of all users

Our site tries to protect all the data from online hackers. Our website owner never reveals private data to any third party. Besides, you can also deactivate the cookies with the adjustment of the settings of your browser. We do not have the responsibility for republication of any text, present on the blogs of other media. All our concerns on the privacy issues are clear regarding the collected information. Thus, we ensure that it is possible for you to choose significant options. Besides, some links, which are connected to any other site, are completely perfect.

We may alter any of the privacy rules, which currently exist at our website. We can either subtract or add some of the policies. Thus, you have to be much careful whenever you use our website. In this way, you can keep away from all the scams. When you’ve any urgent query about the rules of our site, you may directly get in touch with our team.